Andrews Institute ASC, LLC Physician Investors

The Andrews Institute ASC, LLC is a joint venture between Baptist Healthcare, Inc. and Physician Investors.

Our physician partners listed below have a financial interest in the Andrews Institute ASC, LLC.

Andrews Institute ASC would like you to be aware that you have the right to request your surgery be performed at another facility where your physician does not have a financial interest.

Please advise us if you would like to reschedule your procedure at a different facility. You may contact your physician or our registration department at (850) 916-8500.

Physician Investors

James Andrews, MD Steven Kronlage, MD
Christopher Bookout, MD Mark Lambert, DPM
Paul Brooks, DPM John Myers, MD
David Chandler, MD Christopher O’Grady, MD
Alexander Coleman, MD Roger Ostrander, MD
Sunil Gupta, MD James Pennington, Jr., MD
Michael Hartsfield, MD Charles Roth, MD
Greg Hickman, MD Kurt Stockamp, MD
Steve Jordan, MD Layne Yonehiro, MD
Joseph Kiefer, DPM