Billing Process


The Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center makes every attempt to provide each patient with a good faith estimate of their individual patient responsibility prior to their surgery.

This can/will be submitted to you using the medium of your choice: verbal, electronic, or hard-copy (mailed/picked up on-site). Upon receipt or conveyance of the estimate, payment will then be expected either prior to or at the time of surgery. If other payment arrangements have been verbally discussed, a signed agreement will be presented to you at your time of surgery (unless previously sent electronically or picked up at the Surgery Center).


An insurance claim will be filed on your behalf to any/all applicable insurance providers. Upon reimbursement and receipt of the EOB, the patient’s account will be adjusted accordingly.

Should reimbursement take longer than 90 days, Andrews Institute Surgery Center reserves the right to transfer the balance to the patient/guarantor within the guidelines of the contractual agreement. Any remaining amounts owed to Andrews Institute Surgery Center (based on prior agreements or individual contracts agreed to with your provider), will be billed to the appropriate party (patient/guarantor). Prompt payment of the remaining amounts is expected.


Once a patient balance is in place (also referred to as “patient responsibility”), our billing department will send an itemized statement as well as contact you via phone to discuss. Initial patient balance statements are mailed out at various points during the month, after which they will be on 30-day cycles for any future billing statements until the account has been satisfied (paid to a zero balance or deemed delinquent).


You can expect to receive separate bills related to your surgical procedure(s) and/or course of treatment.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Physician (individual fees)
  • Anesthesiologist (individual fees)
  • Laboratory (if applicable – testing fee)
  • Radiology (if applicable – imaging fee)
  • Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center (facility fee)

Andrews Institute Patient Access staff members are more than happy to assist you with questions related to your facility statements, and (if possible) will assist with additional billing questions. However, it is recommended that you direct any specific questions to those parties directly.  We are not always able to communicate with the various billing departments for each entity, so unfortunately there are questions we will be unable to assist with as it is confidential information relating to your account with those entities.