We understand medical services and the bills associated with such procedures/events can be costly. In conjunction with providing world-class clinical care, we want to ensure industry-leading customer service.


While excellent clinical care is our main objective, the Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center is also a business. In order to maintain our standard of excellence clinically, we rely on our business operations to run efficiently and effectively. That being said, we offer a variety of payment plan options (see below) and are available to discuss options outside of our standard plans. Please contact our Patient Access Department to discuss your specific requests or needs at (850) 916-8531.


Max Terms (Months) Balance Parameters
3 $0.00 $250.00
6 $250.01 $500.00
9 $500.01 $750.00
12 $750.01 $1,000.00
18 $1,000.01 $2,000.00
24 $2,000.00+


Financial assistance is available through a formal application process. Payment plans deviating from our standard practices will require these applications and agreements to be signed by all parties involved.


The Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center is happy to accept personal and/or cashier’s checks for payment on accounts. As part of this service, we institute an industry-standard fee of $35 on any checks returned for insufficient funds. This fee will be added to your account balance. Should checks be returned for insufficient funds on more than one occasion to an account, we will no longer accept personal checks as a form of payment used to satisfy said account. A representative will contact you to discuss further action if necessary.


If a patient account becomes delinquent, the account will be turned over to a collection agency. This policy is in effect for any and all patients receiving care at Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center. An account is deemed delinquent if payment has not (ever) been received, payments are missed for two consecutive billing cycles (60 days), payment has missed the billing cycle following a NSF check, deviation from agreed upon payment plans, or multiple returned (mail) statements to Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Collection activity can negatively impact your credit report. The team at Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center does not wish this to happen, but unfortunately, in order to be able to provide the excellent quality care we do it is necessary to have these provisions in place. If at any point you become unable to meet your financial obligations, move, or have any other circumstance which would ultimately affect your financial status, please contact our Patient Access Department at (850) 916-8531 as soon as possible to discuss your situation and work towards a mutually beneficial solution.


Certain financial situations fall outside of the standard parameters. In line with this, Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center offers a Financial Assistance Program. This program is designed to accommodate various levels of need. This includes payment assistance, charity care, and/or discounts. Please contact our Patient Access Department using one of the methods listed below to see if you are eligible for financial assistance.


(850) 916-8531






Applications may be mailed to the address above or faxed to (850) 916-8509.

Our Financial Assistance Program entails various levels of payment arrangements as well as potential charity care. Each packet must be completely filled out by the patient or guarantor, following the guidelines set forth in the program. Each application will be reviewed by and approved or denied by the Finance Department. Decisions are based on a multitude of relevant facts and circumstances such as reported household income, assets, liabilities, expenses, and other available resources.

In the event that a patient or guarantor chooses to apply for financial assistance, it is our expectation that the agreed-upon arrangements will be adhered to by all parties. Should this not happen, the account will be subject to the same guidelines for collection and account-related action as all other Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center accounts.